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self-critique: I see major problems for the 'draw 8 times over exercise' and the ellipses (& curves), the rest seem ok-ish. One other problem was not paying too much attention to the line consistency in 13. So my self-advice would be to do line, curve & ellipse exercises every day for about 10-15 min until I get comfortable with them.

NOTE I did not complete all of the required homework exercises from drawabox lesson 01 because I already went through these before as you can see on my fb page album, but if you want critique on your homework you will have to complete the minimum requirement!

NOTE also that I resorted to using digital medium here which isn't recommended. But I'm doing it because of two reasons:

  1. I've already completed these lessons in the past as I've already mentioned
  2. I want to train on the tablet as well since it is very different compared to traditional media. Especially when you have a Wacom Intuous with no display so the eye-hand coordination needs to be top notch
drawabox - lesson 13 - 01-08 by razvanc-r drawabox - lesson 13 - 09-14 by razvanc-r drawabox - lesson 13 - 15-20 by razvanc-r

Self-critique: not enough 3d construction forms resulting in placement of features (eyes, nose etc.) in slightly wrong places. Also too much erasing, need to do more fundamental exercises for confident lines.